How Preorders & Backorders Works?

Why Preorder/Backorders? 
Although we make every attempt to have items available in stock, occasionally we may list inventory as backorder, indicating that the item is temporarily out of stock. These items are not available to ship immediately because we are in the process of securing additional inventory from our suppliers. When possible, we will post expected shipping dates in the item description.

How Preorders Works?
A preorder is an order placed for an item which has not yet been released to our store. The idea for preorders came when people found it hard to get popular items in stores due to their popularity. 

Therefore we have setup a preorders list for those who are interested on these rare finds. Do note that preorders & backorders usually takes up to 3-5 weeks upon ordering before they reach Singapore. From there we will send your order out to you. Only order if you are comfortable.

Q: Why does preorder takes 2-3 weeks?

As our product are restock directly from our suppliers mostly located in US or UK. Shipping and handing take up most of the waiting time. But rest assure that you will enjoy the products :)

Expected Shipping Dates

When no ship date is indicated during checkout, backordered and preordered items are typically returned to stock within 3-5 weeks. In some cases, there are production delays or inventory shortages which may delay the arrival of your item to our fulfilment centres.

How it works?

Place your preorders or backorders on our site and proceed to payment. Upon verification of your payment we will consolidate your orders in the preorder list and the items will be sent out to you once it arrives at our store.

Please note that cancellation is not allowed after payment.

For those product that are not listed and you are super keen to get your hands on them. Drop us an email at contactus.hypebeauty@gmail.com and we will see if we would help you out on that.